Wine Bottle Holder Steampunk Eagle Hand Painted Silver Gold Copper 8" L X 4" W X 7'H

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The Steampunk eagle arose from the discarded husks of forgotten and broken machines, enchanted with new form and life by an unknown sorcerer. ... Others are convinced it is nothing more than an animated amalgam of angry animatronics, without the soul or conscience of a living thing. Measures: 8"L X 4"W X 7"H

  • Cast in Resin in Intricately Sculpted Steampunk Detail
  • Hand Painted so no two are exactly the same
  • Dry brushed finish in Silver, Gold and Copper that Gives it a recycled Metal Appearance
  • This steampunk Eagle is an imposing piece of sculpture ready for display
  • Great gift idea for friends, family, or office mate.